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Miz Apparels

Authentic Korean materials and manufacturing that are designed by our in-house designers, Miz Apparels is position to make you Pretty today, Pretty tomorrow and Pretty Always!

Miz Apparels designs are exclusive, and manufacturing quality is controlled. This will ensure each apparels is well-made, and limited in quantity.  Our in-house designs are unique and we offer wide range that is suitable for leisure to office wear. 

Our sincere appreciation to our long term loyal customers that has been with us over the last two decades, and that has built Miz Apparels to become an established brand that is assured of quality and design.


From the early days in concentrating on ladies’ apparels, we have progressed to expand our offer to include ‘mama and kids’ apparels. This is in-line with our mission to grow together with our distinguished customers and providing a One-Stop excellent shopping experience. 

In Miz Apparels, our strong belief is to produce top-notch quality design in limited quantity to help our customers to be always PRETTY together with our excellent service!
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